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Morning Routine

Have you tried to create a morning routine but have a tough time trying to stick to a routine or you don't know how to create a morning routine . I will give you some ideas on how you can create a routine and some suggestions on what you should do in the mornings.

For the past few months I've been working on getting up every morning at a consistent time and ccompleting my morning routine so that I can get adjust to this routine. On starting this journey I have to figure out what is comfrotable for me.

Morning Routines Ideas


Moving your body a little helps get the blood flowing from being so stiff from laying flat through the night.


Meditation is on of the most relaxing thing you can do. It relaxes you helps clear your mind and a powerful way of attracting what you want. Helps you focus better on the things you need to get done and makes you feel stress free.


The first thing I do when I wake up is drink 8 oz of water with lemon. Its better to start your day with water.


Its so comforting to get a cup of coffee or tea and sit in a relaxing place in your home and read. It gets your mind going for the day.


There are so many benefits to drinking coffee and tea. Coffeen is good for you in some ways. Tea is also depending the type of tea your drinking. I drink alot of Yogi Tea.


Journaling is a way to release thoughts that you have and be refreshed. It another way to clear your mind and get things off your chest.


Exercising first thing in the morning helps burn calories all day. It keeps your blood going.


I'm telling you personally if I haven't made my bed I feel like I didn't accomplish anything that day and that my room is a mess.


Food gives you much need energy


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