• Ashli Mintoya

Fabulous Grilled Cheese Pizza

Hello Loves, I want to share with you today on how I made this delicious Snack. It very simple and quick. I call this very simple snack a "GRILL CHEESE PIZZA" thats because of the ingridents I use and the way it taste when you take a bite of it. Trust me its so delicious: You can use any ingredients from a pizza you want like: Bacon, pineapple, ground beef, sausage, black olives and so much more.

Chef: Ashli Mintoya

Prep Time: 5 Mins

Recipe Servings: 1

Cook Time: 10 mins

Total Cook Time:15 mins


2 slices of Rye bread (you can use any bread you like)

5 tablespoons of marinara sauce

2 slices of mozzerella cheese

1/2 cup of pepperoni or whatever other toppings you may like


  1. Preheat your skillet on Low heat.

  2. Take out your ingredients.

  3. Combine ingredients your bread (of choice), marinara sauce, mozzerella cheese and tops of choice together.

  4. You can use spray butter or stick butter to coat your skillet with.

  5. Put your combined ingredients in the skillet. Brown each side for 5 mins or to your liking.

  6. You have your PIZZA GRILLED CHEESE.