The 5 Second Rule

Mel Robbins can illustrate the power of a 'push moment' using the science of behaviors, riveting tales and surprising details from some of the most famous moments in history, art and industry. Then, she will give you one simple tool you can use to become your greatest self.

Find Your Path

More Than Pretty

Carrie shares her personal journey to optimal health in the book, from her love for sports as a child, to the pressure to look flawless and fit the mold as she started her career after winning American Idol, to finally realizing the significance of balance and the definition of true health. Getting healthy is not about crash diets or a workout routine you're going to dread for Carrie. It is about healthy options and quick meals that you can put together in your local grocery store from the ingredients, and make the time to travel, enjoy your body, and be the best version of yourself, every day.

Erica provides insightful, hard-won insight and encouragement to women from all walks of life, helping to create faith in and through the power of God, addressing topics such as being truthful about who we really are, reflecting about what we have internalized about our appearances, uncovering and revealing the plan of the Adversary, and embracing the will of God for your life.

Believe Bigger

Let Love Have The Last Word

Marshawn's Intent Map detailing the 5 Stages of Divine Reinvention will give you insight into your true gifts and calling, and the confidence to seek them, whether you are drowning in self-doubt and remorse, feeling trapped, or feeling a change but unable to determine what is next. You can see that challenges are not intended to devastate you, but to spark the greater hopes, life, passion, and abundance that you have been destined for all along.

Let Love Have the Last Word shares Common's own special and intimate stories of the people and experiences that have contributed to a deeper understanding of love and what it has to offer, courageous, insightful, brave, and characteristically real. For a new generation of open hearts and minds, it is a clear call to action, one that will certainly resonate for years to come.

The Power of positive Living

The secret is self-confidence, and this book teaches us how we can do it! Any believer can be an achieveer with the "get-it-done twins," patience and perseverance! Dr. Peale provides inspirational success stories from his own vast experience as a counselor, such as a department store manager who turned his store into one of the most successful in the chain by concentrating on his past successes rather than his shortcomings, and a woman who regained her self-confidence and joy and intent in living when she started volunteering with cancer survivors after her own breast.


If you ever wanted some encouragement on if you take this leap of faith "JUMP" is a great book to read. Making my blog was a huge leap of faith for me because I always felt like I couldn't do anything right but reading this book was like ashli take that risk no matter what anyone says. Life is about you and what you want out of it.