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Ashli Mintoyá is a Healthcare Worker,  Brand Founder, Digital Creator, Podcast Host, Autism advocate, Lifestyle influencer and so much more who's currently based in Atlanta, Ga. 


With such a bubbly and optimistic personality, Passionate and hardworking mother Ashli has mastered her interpersonal skills through connecting with others and telling what she has gone through as a single mother with an austim child  

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Hey Loves, I would love to collaborate. I would like to post your brands on my website and my Instagram.  I'm your girl whether it's creating content, speaking engagements, and more. 

Working with me will be smooth sailing. I work just as hard to promote your brand. I love making genuine connections with others. 

I've had the pleasure to work with some amazing people.  That are great at what hey do. I Hope your take the time to look these people up!!

Ashli was great to work with she is great at what she doesn't. Putting my brand on her blog help drive more traffic to my business. Really appreciate how hardworking and dedicated she is

Working with Ashli is amazing. She has a beautiful spirit about her and she is warm and welcoming. Definitely posting my apparral on her blog. Also check out her content it's very creative .

I can honestly say she is bomb her podcast really be  on point. She made me start a podcast and a blog. 

Ashli has been a true light when it comes to her coaching service. She is gifted in what  she does. She helped find out what I really wanted to and what I was passionate about.


Brandon Corder

Sharnelle Nicole



Ceo of Beatsxbeer

Podcast Host


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